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Green Waste - Testimonials


Green Waste are committed to giving companies sustainable solutions for the disposal of their green waste and making options available for its usage as a range of recycled products. Green Waste always encourage and educate clients and show practical ways to be kinder to the planet while offering the very best customer service possible. The key reason why we exist is to take waste and transform it into reusable materials for sustainable living that positively impacts people, purpose and planet.

I write on behalf of Winford Parish Council Allotments and Composting Site Management Committee. 

I am delighted to report we have received an excellent service from Green Waste Management Services, providing top quality compost material to our site on a regular basis. On each visit, return with our surplus green waste material. Green Waste Management over many years now, have proved a reliable company, attentive to our requirements, very punctual on all site visits and with your experienced driving staff both helpful and skillful in all site operations. 

Well Done Green Waste Management Services. 
Alan Parker 

Nailsea School has been using woodchip supplied from Costwold Eco-Fuels for a number of years both indirectly and more recently directly. We use 25m3 bins which are taken away refilled and then returned within 24-48 hours of requesting new fuel. Our choice to go direct meant that we didn’t need to go through a third party to discuss deliveries or make payments. I would have no problem recommending Martin and the team at Cotswold Eco-Fuels.

Chris Perry
Operations Manager 

Green Waste - Testimonials

Having had cause to use the services of Greenwaste Management Services Ltd, I would honestly say that they offer a very professional service. They are punctual, efficient, polite and tidy. The process is completed to a high standard and the site always looks clean and tidy when operations have been completed.

Edward Philipson-Stow
Pendock Environmental

Green Waste - Testimonials

Tivoli were tasked with dealing with all the waste from the MOD sites, including green waste, and they were confronted with having to do it in a more sustainable manner. They didn’t know what to do with it.

Before Tivoli heard of Green Waste they would have skipped it away at a high cost and been done with it. The accounts team were dismayed at the high cost and the wastage as twenty sites around the South West were all doing the same thing. They needed a leaner and smarter solution, as well as being able to show that they were disposing of the waste more responsibly.

Tivoli discovered ‘The Green Waste’ online and shared their frustrations. Working with the team they have implemented ‘The Green Waste’. Now, not only have they saved themselves tens of thousands of pounds but they can use their own waste for compost on their own flower borders and landscaping.

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